For what it’s worth. The Three Foot Rule.

The three foot rule is used by a wide variety of people facing situations that are especially, frightening, overwhelming, or just plain baffling to a specific individual, group, or an entire society. The concept is simple concentrate on what is going on right in front of you, strip away the fear of what may happen in the future, or even in the next five minutes, and base your immediate actions on what you feel is right, or necessary in achieving your goals. This concept and practice is not new. Varying degrees of this practice have had a profound influence on individuals, and entire societies, since the dawn of man.

With the state of the world today, especially things such as; Gaza, Ferguson, The Systematic Stripping of Second Amendment Rights, School Shootings, Police Brutality, Militarization of Law Enforcement, Murder, and a whole bunch of other shit, I find myself overwhelmed, confused, angry, and powerless. By implementing my version of this rule in my daily life, I am able to better deal with the world’s chaos. For me specifically, the implementation of this rule involves the gathering of as much information, from as many different sources that I have access to, and making my next decision based on that information. The action in some cases, or the lack of action in others, helps me to feel that I am trying to be a part of the solution (as I see it), and not part of the problem..


You never plan it,
but you get weary slugging it out everyday
trying to digest information at a million miles and hour.

In your weakness you realize,
all you have wasted:

They say.
no such thing..
No Such Thing,
as too late.

There is however,
too little too late.
life’s meaning
burning itself on its ear.

And there it lies
the heart of the matter.
the deepest mystery.
no where to stick the knife.
no one in charge.
no one to accept the responsibility for madness.

Just a big tumbling vat of emptiness.
none the wiser.
worse for the wear..
chattering monkeys
with facebook pages.
lost in space..

Excerpt from “Ken and Jim Correspondences.”

Excerpt from “Ken and Jim Correspondences.”

They would argue Father Gary and Matt Bagilo that certain people have the ability to see behind the curtain, the veil so to speak. Behind that veil is where preternatural evil also resides. A evil that could touch us, influence our choices, and only be seen and felt by those among us with the ability see beyond the corporal universe. A force if you will, that was only concerned with the hatred and annihilation of everything. By touch I mean, to subtly corrupt that which is pure, light, or good within us. Not influence us directly, or make us commit evil acts. Rather, say we have a flaw, drinking for example, could be anything,,, Well if you become a chronic, desperate, alcoholic, eventually you lose the power of choice over drinking. By this I mean every time you drink no matter what, YOU are making, and are responsible for that CHOICE. Still, make that choice enough (The choice to drink), eventual there is no choice. You will continue drinking no matter what you lose. What I am stressing here as the evil; is the loss of all hope. The loss of hope is the evil we create by actions with hatred at the core, A unlimited amount of actions could be evil and destructive or in fact  are proven to be destructive such as; War, Poverty, Apathy, Racism, and so forth, (Everyone’s list would be different with the common underlying qualification being;: Destructive to the person as a loving being. This loss of hope, can be of use to spirits or beings that exist within the preternatural world. Further, I know exactly what you mean about that feeling or dream like state where you feel some dark, oppressive force holding you down physically. A physical oppressiveness. I have had have direct experience with this myself. It is terrifying. In regards to your dads oppressive evil being sensed when you still lived at home, I believe it could be the evil left over from your father’s acts, the evil that clung to him.

Armchair Critic A Teacher.

Well what can I say ? Creepy! Probably more realistic than most of us would like to admit. Most interesting aspect of the film is that the student is able to control his impulses to brag, threaten, bully, or intimidate his lover. “The Student” is obviously in the position of power, in this highly dysfunctional affair. Also I don’t think you can top “The Teacher” drunk… scrolling through her obsession… “The Student’s”… Facebook page… Come on, we have all done this right? Refreshing to view his older seductress, melt down from one frame to the next. Can you say mentally unstable in visual language? I can: A Teacher!


ArmChair Critic…Essential Killing

Armchair Critic.

When I saw All Is Lost I was blown away by the fact, that a movie can have basically no dialogue and be totally and completely compelling. Recently I head about a film Essential Killing (2010) starring Vincent Gallo. Before I talk about the film, let me say unequivocal I am not a fan of Vincent Gallo. Anyone who offers themselves up as a male escort for Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a single night of romance, and half a million for a entire weekend, obviously thinks pretty highly of themselves. His earlier films such as Buffalo 66, and The Brown Bunny were decent but not mind blowing by any standard. Being from a similar area in upstate New York where everyone knows everyone, I can honestly say the guys a egomaniacal grade A asshole. That being said Essential Killing is a incredible film. Absolutely mind blowing. Best thing I have seen in a long time. I resisted seeing it because it stars Vincent Gallo, but I finally broke down and watched it. Gallo is incredible in the lead role, of course that may be because he doesn’t speak throughout the entire film. Someone once said that William S. Burroughs’s Naked Lunch made Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Journey To The End Of Night look like a travel guide .Jerzy Skolimowski  Essential Killing makes Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty look like a Infomercial. Essential Killing is a must see.


Actions create consequences… each action good or bad… creates a different world. You must see… the reality of the world you have created will cease to be… as you cease to be… For those walking hand in hand with death… reality acquires a different meaning. A meaning that no resolve can encompass or comprehend. A terrible burden… knowing with every fiber of your being that the life you once knew, will never be again… Only in acceptance is there peace.

Armchair Critic… Gandhi…

Armchair Critic is a series of film reviews concentrated on films from the past, present, and future. (Future: Not released to the general public at time of publication.) Some may be one sentence long, others several paragraphs. Warning some reviews may contain Spoilers.

Mahatma Gandhi, perhaps the single most recognizable figure in history as the father of nonviolent civil disobedience, is the subject of Richard Attenborough’s 1982 film Gandhi. The film follows Mahatma Gandhi’s life, starting with his assassination in 1948, then jumping back in time to 1893 and the inciting incident in South Africa. A young Gandhi well working as a British Educated Barrister is forcibly removed from a train because of his skin color. This event inspired Gandhi to speak out against practices of discrimination and social inequality first in South Africa, then in India, with Gandhi peacefully leading the people of India to independence from British rule. Brilliantly acted by Ben Kingsley with strong supporting performances from Martin Sheen, John Gielgud, Candice Bergen, and Edward Fox. Attenborugh’s thirty-two year old film is just as relevant today, as when it was first released. A must see, especially for those of the younger generations, who may not be familiar with Gandhi, or his truly awe inspiring life.