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Month: July, 2013


A young man got a horse for his birthday everyone in the boys small village said “How wonderful.” the Zen Master said “We shall see. A year later the boy fell off the horse and broke his both his legs… Everyone said “How terrible.”, again the Zen Master said “We shall see.” A year later war broke out and all the young men of the village had to go off and fight, once again  the whole village said “How fortunate.” Once again, the Zen Master said ” We shall see, but come to think of it, yeah that’s pretty fucking lucky!”


What they say…

What they say

lost my mind to rage in East Orange New Jersey
went a little deranged did her surgery…
they decided I was unfit for humanity
didn’t matter to me I knew the mystery…
somewhere in upstate New York walking the Thruway
no one stops… not going my way…
Finally an old man with eyes of steel saves me…
he’s got weed and pills…
I know they will kill
but I don’t care….
I have killed before
in my own little war…
navigating construction as the rain falls
inside my destruction…
my pride says I know I am small…
somewhere there is a reason
but damn if i know…
too many days now spent
with that familiar voice that scolds
in a matter of seconds
I have grown old…

WABR (Will Always Be Relative.)

You live out your days in obscurity watching technology destroy so many promising intellects. After years of viewing this phenomenon you are certain that there is a program a method to THEIR madness… you are just not sure exactly what is… but you know it’s dark… a burnt hole in humanity’s collective soul.

MY mind screams you must do something but after so many years of struggle… fighting for ones daily bread… You start to realize the mammoth effort excreted daily to build yourself up… to survive… only to leads to a small victory followed by a fall to where you were at the start of the day, before the war started… and of course you have to do it all over tomorrow.
Knowledge comes slowly…out of focus… murky… still, with every passing hour you become more certain you are finished and that it will take everything you have… everything you can call upon… God, Country, Love, Family, Friend, just to make it to dawn. This my friends is life… and it has always been this way… Meaning has always and will always be relative.

Come on in my kitchen

Come on in my kitchen

You’d better come on in my kitchen
babe it going to be rainin outdoors
Ah the woman I love
took from my best friend
Some joker got lucky
stiole her back again
You’d better come on in my kitchen
babe it going to be rainin outdoors
Oh-ah she’s gone
I know she won’t come back again
I’ve taken the last nickel
out of her nation sack
You’d better come on in my kitchen
babe it going to be rainin outdoors
When a woman gets in trouble
everybody throws her down
Lookin for her good friend
none can be found
You’d better come on in my kitchen
babe it going to be rainin outdoors
Winter time’s comin
its gonna be slow
You can’t make the winter babe
thats dry long so
You’d better come on in my kitchen
babe it going to be rainin outdoors

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson’s Love in vain

You have to hope.

I had a long conversation with my daughter last night. It’s amazing and heartbreaking to view someone at the cusp of  what we call the Adult World. To know that there is so much pain waiting is the heartbreaking part. To know there is so much living waiting to be taken, touched, and experienced is the exciting part. As a parent you have to trust that somehow they will make it through the maze and come out the others side with some truth… some beauty… some reason to believe.


Recently it occurred to me that all of my problems in some way are off my own making, Furthermore, it occurred to me that instead of sitting around like a whinny little bitch, I had to start to take steps to undue forty years of massive Fucking-Upped-Ness. (Coining it)


The uncanny ability to do the most Assine stupid thing possible at the precise moment when if you were to do anything else but what you just did… you may be able to beat a retreat and undue the catastrophic damage that you have just self-inflicted upon:  Yourself… Career…. Relationship…

And as a Special Gift:

Two of my favorite defintions of FTFO in Chatspeak Lexicon.


Fight the fuck on.


Freaking The Fuuuckkk Outttttttt.

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