WABR (Will Always Be Relative.)

by hjparker68

You live out your days in obscurity watching technology destroy so many promising intellects. After years of viewing this phenomenon you are certain that there is a program a method to THEIR madness… you are just not sure exactly what is… but you know it’s dark… a burnt hole in humanity’s collective soul.

MY mind screams you must do something but after so many years of struggle… fighting for ones daily bread… You start to realize the mammoth effort excreted daily to build yourself up… to survive… only to leads to a small victory followed by a fall to where you were at the start of the day, before the war started… and of course you have to do it all over tomorrow.
Knowledge comes slowly…out of focus… murky… still, with every passing hour you become more certain you are finished and that it will take everything you have… everything you can call upon… God, Country, Love, Family, Friend, just to make it to dawn. This my friends is life… and it has always been this way… Meaning has always and will always be relative.