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Month: February, 2014

Kos okht ile nafadak

She writes at 4 a.m. a long lost lover, with a scrambled message..

She is probably drunk,

still my heart is fraught with worry and uncertainty.

I wish I could transmute my feelings, eradicate her shadows, forget she existed at all.

At this point I recognize no good in either of us.

I see no easy solution.

I see only two wounded souls struggling to survive,

attempting to fix a impossible situation.

What is it in us,

that makes us want to hold on to the broken pieces of our lives?


It never gets any easier does it?

Ain’t life a bitch,
it never gets easier,
always some trick I missed,
some talent I pissed away.
In a deadmans trance I sway,
out of step with tragic winds.
Ah shit, here we go again.

Like This

She said you have to look at it like this…
It’s all a matter of perspective,
desolation with consolation infected
closing down heart strings…
a million and one things…
love left unsaid, forgotten, reconciled only through death…
A man on a religious quest is not to be triffled with. City wide stares issued as a decree, all the martyrs lined neatly at your feet, you try to call the warrior inside to carry you through in your grief.

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