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Month: April, 2014

Armchair Critic A Teacher.

Well what can I say ? Creepy! Probably more realistic than most of us would like to admit. Most interesting aspect of the film is that the student is able to control his impulses to brag, threaten, bully, or intimidate his lover. “The Student” is obviously in the position of power, in this highly dysfunctional affair. Also I don’t think you can top “The Teacher” drunk… scrolling through her obsession… “The Student’s”… Facebook page… Come on, we have all done this right? Refreshing to view his older seductress, melt down from one frame to the next. Can you say mentally unstable in visual language? I can: A Teacher!



ArmChair Critic… Blue Ruin


ArmChair Critic…Essential Killing

Armchair Critic.

When I saw All Is Lost I was blown away by the fact, that a movie can have basically no dialogue and be totally and completely compelling. Recently I head about a film Essential Killing (2010) starring Vincent Gallo. Before I talk about the film, let me say unequivocal I am not a fan of Vincent Gallo. Anyone who offers themselves up as a male escort for Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a single night of romance, and half a million for a entire weekend, obviously thinks pretty highly of themselves. His earlier films such as Buffalo 66, and The Brown Bunny were decent but not mind blowing by any standard. Being from a similar area in upstate New York where everyone knows everyone, I can honestly say the guys a egomaniacal grade A asshole. That being said Essential Killing is a incredible film. Absolutely mind blowing. Best thing I have seen in a long time. I resisted seeing it because it stars Vincent Gallo, but I finally broke down and watched it. Gallo is incredible in the lead role, of course that may be because he doesn’t speak throughout the entire film. Someone once said that William S. Burroughs’s Naked Lunch made Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Journey To The End Of Night look like a travel guide .Jerzy Skolimowski  Essential Killing makes Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty look like a Infomercial. Essential Killing is a must see.


Actions create consequences… each action good or bad… creates a different world. You must see… the reality of the world you have created will cease to be… as you cease to be… For those walking hand in hand with death… reality acquires a different meaning. A meaning that no resolve can encompass or comprehend. A terrible burden… knowing with every fiber of your being that the life you once knew, will never be again… Only in acceptance is there peace.

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