For what it’s worth. The Three Foot Rule.

by hjparker68

The three foot rule is used by a wide variety of people facing situations that are especially, frightening, overwhelming, or just plain baffling to a specific individual, group, or an entire society. The concept is simple concentrate on what is going on right in front of you, strip away the fear of what may happen in the future, or even in the next five minutes, and base your immediate actions on what you feel is right, or necessary in achieving your goals. This concept and practice is not new. Varying degrees of this practice have had a profound influence on individuals, and entire societies, since the dawn of man.

With the state of the world today, especially things such as; Gaza, Ferguson, The Systematic Stripping of Second Amendment Rights, School Shootings, Police Brutality, Militarization of Law Enforcement, Murder, and a whole bunch of other shit, I find myself overwhelmed, confused, angry, and powerless. By implementing my version of this rule in my daily life, I am able to better deal with the world’s chaos. For me specifically, the implementation of this rule involves the gathering of as much information, from as many different sources that I have access to, and making my next decision based on that information. The action in some cases, or the lack of action in others, helps me to feel that I am trying to be a part of the solution (as I see it), and not part of the problem..