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Month: September, 2014

Ass-Hat of the week!

Ass-Hat of the week!:

This week It’s a toss up?

The confidential informant who put her friends away for ten years in federal prison to save herself, or the herpes infected mother purposely spreading her disease as a act of revenge.




You never plan it,
but you get weary,
slugging it out everyday,
trying to digest information,
at a million miles and hour.

In your weakness you realize,
all you have wasted:

They say.
no such thing
as too late,
or monsters.

There is however,
too little too late.
Life’s meaning
burning itself
on its ear.

And there it lies –
the heart of the matter…

The deepest mystery and
where to stick the knife.

No one is in charge.
No one to accept the responsibility
for all this madness.

Just a big tumbling vat
of emptiness.
Absolutely none the wiser, and
worse for the wear…

Chattering monkeys
with Facebook pages,
lost in space…

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